The Domestication of Competition

My new book (title above) is now out with Cambridge University Press.  See: I reproduce the description from that webpage: Book description Competition is deeply built into the structures of modern life. It can improve policies, products and services, but is also seen as a divisive burden that pits people against one another. ThisContinue reading “The Domestication of Competition”

Foucault, Marx, and pervasive power

One frequently hears the complaint about ‘identity politics’ and ‘critical race theory’ that they are obsessed with power and reduce all social relationships to power, and that this is a fundamental error, and overgeneralisation of power (see for instance, Lindsay and Pluckrose’s Cynical Theories, 2020).  On the contrary, I would argue that the thesis ofContinue reading “Foucault, Marx, and pervasive power”